Abi & Dave | In a Field! | Market Bosworth | 22 July 2015

Abi & Dave got married in the middle of a field, no that’s not true, they got married in a church, a very nice one too, with a really lovely Vicar who let me join in and take photographs from the front of the church (some don’t…..boo!!) Anyway, as well as me he let all of Abi and Dave’s friends at the front of the church too. Turns out Abi’s very funny and super talented twin sister had arranged for all of Abi’s friends to sing for her and Dave, while she played the piano, which was pretty spectacular! Oh, and if family showing off wasn’t already tipping the scale, Abi’s Dad played guitar too! Right, back to the field……in fact no, not just yet because there’s a tractor ride through the middle of Market Bosworth on a busy Saturday afternoon to tell you about first, yep you read that right! Dave’s dad put some polish on a beautiful red Massey Ferguson tractor, hitched a souped up trailer on the back, complete with bench and balloons and drove the newly married Mr & Mrs Gilbert through the streets of Market Bosworth, everyone seemed to enjoy it, with lots of waving and cheering. Ok, now we can go to the field. Imagine a big, a really BIG marquee stood in the middle of a field strewn with all kinds of fabulous, from a huge selection of home made cakes (supplied by family and friends for a bake off competition!) bunting and beautiful vintage china plates, cups and cake stands. Outside the marquee, bales of hay and tables stretched out across the field piled with drinks and surrounded with people having tons of fun. The day was properly blessed with sunshine and blue clouds, a day that was sandwiched between two days of rain and cold…..mini miracle? Probably!

Truth is, we had a great day and we know that Abi and Dave and all of their friends did too because we captured it on camera…….ladies and gentlemen, we give you Abi and Dave.

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